Who We Are

GATE is a digital media company that offers its clients to spread their brand awareness, increase their visibility and create loyal communities of fans or customers through social media to establish or enhance their online presence.


Our vision is to become today a national leading company and later on, and by the help of our clients, develop our services to establish ourselves in the region as a prototype company in digital media. To achieve this vision we always make sure that our quality services exceeds our clients’ expectations, and we’ll be guiding them through the process of “liking our work” to “loving our work” and eventually “defending our work”.


GATE’s mission is to interact with its clients target audience as a sociable brand, by building an online community hub. This online community will be linked to, and supported through all digital and social media platforms. Working side by side with our clients, we can ensure the best practice in the online community management and social media activities.

Our Services

Today GATE has expanded its services to include:

Graphic Design

Visual communication, and problem-solving through the correct combination of typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques and colors. Graphic design is often referred to as the process by which the communication is created.

Creative Design
94% Complete (success)
Print Design
94% Complete (success)
94% Complete (success)

Web Development

A web site is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for your messaging efforts and it helps your potential customer such as new customer to find your location,number,email and most importantly know about your product/services and your promotions.

Front End Development
94% Complete (success)
94% Complete (success)
Custom Content Management System
94% Complete (success)
Cross Platform App Development
94% Complete (success)

Online Media

Social Media has grown rapidly in popularity, but while Social Media tools are easily accessed and abundant, proper planning is still required.

Social Media
94% Complete (success)
Content Creativity
94% Complete (success)
94% Complete (success)
Follow Up
94% Complete (success)


One of the most important thing about any project, business or brand is its image that represents it in front of the public. This is branding what is about and it is essential to create a consistent, homegeneous and relevant image.

Branding Strategy
94% Complete (success)
Branding Identity
94% Complete (success)
Branding Management
94% Complete (success)

The Portfolio

Take a look at our body of digital work for top companies doing business in Lebanon


Established in early 2014, by Maroun Karam –Founder & Managing Partner, GATE used to handle the clients’ social media accounts’ management and content.

GATE got its name when its founder decided to offer businesses the opportunity to grow online through social and other digital media, thus offering to be their “GATE” to success in this field.

GATE’s first clients were mostly specialized in the F&B industry, but as it grew, clients from all kind of sectors found solution for their needs through GATE. Despite the fact that its clients were no longer exclusive to the F&B industry GATE never lost its expertise in that field.

Since its launch GATE had the pleasure to provide over 25 clients with its services, and will always seek to grow its family by staying up to date and always seeking to improve and evolve.


The Team

Now it’s time to introduce you to the team behind the great work of GATE:


Maroun Karam

Founder & Managing Partner


Michel Daou

Graphic Designer


Joanne Raad

Food Stylist


Amine Sakr




+961 70 44 97 70


Jdeideh, New Jdeideh Street 21,

Azure Center, 8th Floor